When it comes to people, I’m a standard archetype of “ordinary.”

Relatively speaking, I grew up amid ordinary circumstances in an ordinary family, surrounded by ordinary people. I’m not remarkably intelligent or talented or interesting (as evidenced by the fact that, in my oxymoronic words, I’m notoriously forgettable when it comes to first impressions). And despite how it sounds, I’m not even a modest person (though I do tend to habitually doubt myself).

Up until this point, my aforementioned ordinariness has scared me away from creating a blog of my own. After all, what interesting, unique viewpoints do I have to offer? The answer is two-fold: First, I’m here because I love to express my thoughts, dreams and opinions via the written word. Second: I’m a quirky, unabashed nerd (something I never thought would benefit me in any tangible way).

Step back for a moment and allow me to clarify what I mean by “nerd,” – Actually, I’ll let my long-time celebrity crush Zachary Levi (and fellow nerd) clarify the oft-overused term via a tweet from 2010:

@ZacharyLevi, 2:09 PM – 16 Oct 2010: “Nerd: One whose unbridled passion for something, or things, defines who they are as a person, without fear of other people’s judgement.”

Based on this definition, I am a nerd in every aspect of the word, always brazenly happy to embrace the frightening levels of joy I feel toward things that I’m passionate about (see related definition: “nerd out”). Whether it’s books, food, hobbies, fandoms (SO many fandoms), movies, animals or people, nothing is safe from my nerdsome wrath.

So, hello. I’m Christine, and this is my Ordinerdy blog.



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