Think like an Elf, live like a Hobbit

Ideally, I want my life to be a delightful mix of hobbit and Elven life.

Hobbit life means living in a cozy hobbit hole in the ground. It consists of eating breakfast, gardening, gorging on second breakfast, smoking pipe weed, enjoying elevensies, reading books, munching on luncheon, strolling through the fields, sipping afternoon tea, buying food at the market, devouring dinner, watching the sun set under the hills whilst puffing on more pipe weed, consuming supper, warming your hairy feet by a crackling fireplace, and then nibbling down a nice dessert before bed.

Above all else, hobbits value comfort, food and things that grow. Hobbits value a simple life.

Elven life, in contrast, means living as part of nature. It consists of enjoying music and poetry, learning the history of the world, honing your ability to understand every rock and tree and creature (shout-out to Alan Menken), building inconceivable creations, forging priceless artifacts, feeling sad for the unavoidable fate of the world, and wearing ethereal flowing clothing.

Elves value knowledge and being attuned to the world.

Is it possible for me to have the curious attitude and informed mindset of an elf while living the carefree, peaceful lifestyle of a hobbit? I’m not interested in fame or riches or power; I want to live comfortably, happily and peacefully within my means.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that how most people would like to live their lives?

Goals: Try to approach obstacles in life with the curious, involved, creative mindset of Elves, but live our lives in the humble, stress-free, simple style of Hobbits.

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